Practical bathroom

The ZOBAL IQube 16 and IQube 22 systems are lightweight, subtle and durable rack shelving systems with many applications. In the presented interior, this system has been used in three different locations. As a undercounter unit. The second location hosts two racks hung next to the mirror and a free-hanging rack with shelves in the third location. Use of specially designed connector allows both simple shelves and very complex structures to be created. Regardless of the design, the IQube 16 and IQube 22 systems can be used as standalone structures equipped with adjustable height legs, can be hung on the wall using nail expansion anchor, or on the ZOBAL Wall System using suspension bracket (032 126) The shelves are made of 4 mm-thick tempered glass and 10 mm board (IQube 16) or 16 mm board (IQube 22). It is also possible to use boards vertically.