Main wall in the living room

The main wall with a TV is always the central part of each living room. We adapt all furniture to this wall and try to do our best to present and diversify it in a unique way. Today, we present an interesting solution as a great idea for a wall in a living room. The living room with a wall full of shelves is arranged using IQube 16 and IQube 22 systems. The IQube 22 System has been used for bottom shelving units and suspended components are made of the IQube 16 System. All in reserved, black colours. Obviously, also with full contrast – so the shelving unit system has its black profile presented against wooden walls. Beauty within reach? Yes, now it is right next to us. And our living room may look like the one in the photo. Just a little effort and minimum add-ons are enough to create something that will make us live well and nicely. Let’s create a space meeting our needs and expectations.