The needs of the market and the continuous development of ZOBAL led us to make a decision to expand our business with the anodizing process. Our new plant in Trzcianka was opened in 2008 and its technologically advanced anodizing line allows us to offer the highest quality of anodized surface and shorten the lead time of orders.

The experience gained over years allows us to carry out orders for anodizing in two variants:

  1. Decorative anodizing (standard finish)
  2. Technical anodizing: (on special customer’s request), protecting the surface while maintaining the essential dimensions of precisely made elements

In addition, at the customer’s request, we can offer a brushing service for profiles or elements that can be anodized in different colors in a later process.

Offered surface finishing versions:

  • natural anode – C-0,
  • gold anode – C-23
  • stainless steel look – C-30s, (inox),
  • shades of brown – C-31 – C-34,
  • black anode C-35,
  • shades of brown with brushing – C-31s – C-34s,
  • black anode with brushing.

Technical capabilities:

Long profiles up to L= 4100 mm

Thickness of the anode layer in the range of 5-25 microns