In 2016, Zobal launched a new production plant in Trzcianka providing services in the field of  CNC precision metal fabrication. The plant has a highly qualified management, technical and production staff, as a result, it is able to meet projects of high complexity.

A machine park based on Japanese MAZAK machine tools, CAD / CAM computer software supporting the production process, ensures the highest quality of manufactured products, flexible and comprehensive cooperation with contractors from the industrial machinery, automotive, lighting, electronic, medical and railway industry.

We provide services:

  • Precise cutting on single bevel vs double bevel miter saw;
  • CNC turning;
  • CNC milling;
  • Decorative and technical anodes.

Our strongest points:

  • From the idea to the implementation of the element, comprehensive customer service from the idea to the final product;
  • Long-term (20 years) experience in the field of machining and surface processing of profiles and elements of aluminum alloys;
  • A modern complex of two plants Anodizing and Services departments in the close vicinity thanks to which the time between machining and anodizing of elements is reduced to a minimum;
  • Experienced management, technical and production staff;
  • Professional preparation of technical documentation in 3D CAD environment;
  • 3D printing of prototypes before starting production, for example to improve ergonomics;
  • A machine park based on Japanese MAZAK machine tools with the highest productivity, quality and accuracy of manufactured elements;
  • Pre-production of prototypes to be approved by the customer;
  • Surface processing: Anodizing with a wide range of surface finishes;
  • Organizing transport and shipping to the customer;
  • Service after completing parts, collecting opinions about the finished products;
  • Quality control at every stage of the project;
  • Contact with the customer at every stage of the order realization;
  • Management and production based on ISO 9001-2015.